MumaBubs Has Evolved

Supporting women on their mum journey, so they can thrive as the women they are AND the mother they have become!

NEW WEBSITE BEING DEVELOPED but all information to work with Jody you will find here!

And, though the name has changed, it does not change the core of what I do and how passionate I am about supporting women on their journey of becoming and being a mum.

I believe that the post-natal period does not end once your baby is no longer a newborn.

Issues with the pelvic floor, pelvic instability, weakness with your core and even finding the time to exercise with the extra demands of being a mum, do not go away after your 6-week post-natal check.

However, returning to exercise safely is crucial for your long-term health and well-being.

I am passionate about women exercising safely during the entire journey of becoming and being a mum.

With the evolution of MumaBubs our MoveMuma group sessions have come to an end.

I have always offered personal coaching, but now I also offer semi-private coaching sessions to those mums who want some of the personalised experience of one-on-one coaching BUT also the social aspect of group training.

We currently provide IN-PERSON personal coaching programs for pregnancy, post-natal and beyond.

Whether you’re a new mum looking for guidance and connection, OR a busy mum trying to find a way to prioritise your health & fitness in your busy mum life, I can support you so you can thrive and live life feeling strong, energised and confident! (And maybe lose a few kilos along the way!)

Body Empowerment with Jody ‘THRIVE’ & ‘EVOLVE’ 12 week memberships available for one-on-one personal coaching – held at B.E. HQ in Duncraig

B.E. Transformed – the ultimate 120 day personalised journey to a more energised, leaner and stronger version of you! An exclusive VIP package which will create deep, lasting transformation.

Starting April 2021 – Semi-Private Coaching Sessions at B.E. HQ in Duncraig

Register Your Interest Here To Work with Jody

The West Australian Feature Article
Featured in The West Australian 16 October 2018
Feature in Whole Hearted Family Health's Article "4 of Perth’s best mums and bubs fitness classes"
Featured in “4 of Perth’s best mums and bubs fitness classes” – January 2019

2 thoughts on “MumaBubs Has Evolved

  1. Hello Jody,

    I’m a friend of Marika, myself and another friend, kate are interested to join your bootcamp exercise classes. How do we go about it?

    Kindest regards,


    • Hi Carmen

      I would love to have you join us in our group training sessions, specifically developed for mums to ensure that you are supported from the inside out as you get energised, strong and feel great in your after baby body!
      The best first step is to register for our next block of training, Block 3, commencing on Monday, July 16 by clicking here: Then I will be in touch to get you confirmed for a trial session!
      Thanks Carmen. I look forward to receiving yours & Kate’s registration & chatting to you in the very near future!
      Jody x


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